Trial races on Wednesday 4th of June 2014.
4 x races run in total

Billy Jacobson – “Great track, a lot of spring to it” “It is very fair all over.”
Kevin Shea – “I was very impressed.” “Lovely Surface” “The home straight it not as short as it looks”
Chris Taylor – “I can compare it to Singapore. That is probably the best one I have ridden on at the moment. Even the smell is like being back there. As a track, it is going to save a lot of meetings. It is the way forward. You will only appreciate it when the rains come.”

It has been a very worthwhile exercise and a learning curve. We are standing on the threshold of a whole new era. It adds something to racing, another dimension to racing. It creates opportunities for horses and most importantly perhaps, we won’t lose anymore meetings. Polytrack is the pioneer so we are happy to be associated with Martin Collins Enterprises. These tracks are going to become a reality in South African Racing and better you embrace it than try and challenge it.

The jockeys participating in the trial races were most impressed with the surface. They indicated a preference for “firming up” the track and we expect to race on a clegg-hammer reading of somewhere between 85 and 95. But in discussion with the jockeys we agreed that during the initial phase-in period we would limit the field sizes and re-assess the situation after the first couple of race meetings. ”
– Graeme Hawkins