CLOPF® Fibre gives root structure to existing sand surfaces. This helps to give the sand more stability therefore the horses work on top of the surface rather than “through” it. The fine mix of textile fibres is available as an additive for existing surfaces of sand or a combination of sand and pvc/rubber. The recommended tonnage of CLOPF® Fibre will be determined by the current surface content and area.



Wet existing surface (by water bowser or by natural rain fall). Spread the fibre evenly over the surface. Use a rotovator to mix the fibre into the top 2.5 – 3 inches making 2 or 3 passes. Use a rotovator for a further pass, this will help provide a consistent and level surface. Finally wet roll and “groom” the surface ready for use.


The surface needs to be regularly maintained. For best results the surface should be kept moist and rolled. Any tracking can be removed by a hand rake. Care should be taken when using a machine with deep tines as these may cause the fibres to become very loose and damage the base.