Peter Morrison

Peter started riding at the age of 9 and rode with Gonda Betrix from the age of 12. Going from Top Junior rider to successfully competing at Adult A grade level showjumping. A passion for horses and their wellbeing led to the start of this business. The company was started 10 years ago and focused mainly on arena surfaces and how to improve and maintain existing sand surfaces.

Over the years we have been constructing arenas and have had a research and development program to find the best footing for our climate. In 2007 we developed a wax synthetic surface and have since joined forces with Martin Collins Enterprises have over 30 years experience and are the innovators of synthetic surfaces world wide. The company is based in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Martin Collins

Nearly 30 years ago, Martin Collins began developing innovative, synthetic surfaces for equestrian use. Today Martin Collins is the No1 in synthetic surfaces. His surfaces provide high performance with lower maintenance for gallops, studs, racetracks and arenas and competitions/events. As a working pupil with Alison and Alan Oliver, Martin Collins gained permission to ride in adult show jumping classes aged 15.

He later worked in yard maintenance for Dick Stilwell and trained his own grade A jumpers, together with those owned by clients. Soon, to subsidise his riding he was involved in underpinning and technical building work for companies, including Windsor Safari Park and Berni Inns. Initial experiments, that mixed PVC with silica sand, led to mixtures that mimicked turf. Adding bitumen, UV light protectors and varying types of latex, 10 different agents were used to create a new coating solution; each imprint left by the horse would spring back. The Pacemaker surface fuelled additional research into recycled products that would create surfaces at an acceptable cost.

Martin Collins is the number one name in synthetic surfaces with over 500 projects completed to date, covering the UK, Dubai, Germany, Austria, Belguim, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Africa and the USA.